I'm trying to Learn to Love it...

but this machine quilting is taking a lot of time to wiggle its way into my warm embraces.

I had started to hand quilt my pink star. I did one small area and it sat for a couple of weeks. Friday night I picked it up to work on it. The thought of spending months quilting it didn't seem so appealing, so I decided to make my first big attempt at machine quilting. I've had this machine since Feb. and if I am ever going to get good at it, I need to start now.

I am really appreciating the 10" extended sewing surface. There is no way I could have gotten all this fabric through on my old machine.

With just a bit of pushing, it goes right through.

I am only sewing straight lines (let's say "somewhat" straight--I have no markings and it's not all that easy to keep them straight).

But the less than straight lines are minor. It's all the problems on the backside that are giving me a headache.

I have puckers....

I have a hole................I knew it would only be a matter of time before I snipped the fabric as well as the threads.

But the worst of all is this......................Arrrgggggggg............the extra fabric on the edge folded back and I sewed right over it.

I'm leaving it. I am already fed up with having to rip stitches out of this.

I hope someday I look back at my first machine quilted item and get a good laugh. Right now it's not all that funny and I am pretty discouraged.

But I did find myself doing this

and that's a good sign.


Debbie said…
Oh, Zoey, you are a brave woman. If you can live with it, I sure would leave the imperfections. The front will look terrific.

My MIL taught me how to quilt many years ago and she was a purest...hand stitched from start to finish. She passed away 19 years ago. I now piece by machine but still do the quilting by hand. One of these days I will take the plunge and try some simple machine quilting.
Diana LaMarre said…
Hi Debbie,

I thought this was simple! HA! It will be the death of me yet! My poor quilt. I really liked it before I ruined it with that machine.I will have to live with it now because I am way to far into it to change. I will just have to chalk it up to a learning experience.

Thank you for your sympathy.
Anya said…
I tried to leave a comment earlier today, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Apologies if you've gotten several comments from me on this same post.

I feel your pain. I finally gave up on quilting with my sewing machine and got myself a mid-arm. It's so much easier. But don't despair...it does get easier, even on the sewing machine.

I like your square spiral quilting on the pink block. It looks straight to me!
Diana LaMarre said…
anya, I didn't get multiple comments. Sometimes Blogger can be a pain.

Last night it did seem like the it was going better. I did a full 12-inch block and it looked pretty darn good (if I do say so myself).

I think long arm (mid arm) is the way to go if anyone really wants to do much machine quilting. It must be easier than trying it with a regular sewing machine.

Thanks for your encouragement.
patchworkmaniac said…
Did you stretch the backing out and tape it to the floor before you started basting it? Pinning every 3-4 inches is good too. Also sometimes cotton batting is better as it 'clings' to the fabric a little as well. Lovely quilt though!
Diana LaMarre said…
Hi Patchworkmaniac,
I think I will try cotton batting on my next one. The cotton didn't work so well for hand quilting, but everyone seems to use it for machine quilting. Thank you for the tips.