I Made a Valance to Match the Roses are Red Quilt

I wanted to make a bold window treatment to match the Roses are Red, Borders are Blue Quilt I recently finished.

I searched high and low for the same pattern as the valance I made for my living room. I looked in my fabric bins in the basement and I looked in every drawer in my sewing room. I found a lot of patterns for valances, pillows, aprons, & crafts. I had forgotten I bought a lot of them. Do you do that, too? Buy patterns and never use them? When JoAnn has a .99 cent sale I buy everything I think I may ever want to make....most of which I never do make.

I never did find the pattern I was looking for. I cannot imagine where I put that pattern, but I am sure I will come across it as soon as I no longer need it. Luckily it's a simple pattern and I used newspaper and traced around a finished panel from the living room.

I cut out 20 of these arrows - 10 for the front and 10 for the back (I did two windows). I started them on Saturday afternoon and finished them around noon today. I think it took about 10 hours of work...thank goodness I had that extra hour today!

This is what I ended up with.

I think it's a pretty good match for this quilt.

If I wanted to really made a WOW valance, I would have made the rose block in each of the arrows. I considered it, but making 10 of them was more than I could bear. Each of those rose blocks has 32 teeny tiny pieces in it! I think I like the valance, but I will have to look at it for a few days to see if I need to do any more tweaking. I added those purple sashes over each triangle because I wanted to bring in the purple color from the quilt. I also did not want it to look like a patriotic color scheme.


Anonymous said…
Hi Zoey,
You have the incorrect link in your post, but I just clinked the link in the side bar. Sorry about not being able to find your pattern, but you did a great job on the valance-so colorful! I have a bunch of patterns that I bought and did sell a few on eBay. I usually buy stuffed toys/animals or decorating patterns (pillows or curtains). Did you ever see the scarecrow I made back in '93?
Diana LaMarre said…
Hi Dianne,
Thanks for the heads up on that link. I just fixed it.
Yes, I did see your scarecrow and he was so cute. I think I had that same pattern. I enjoy making scarecrows.
Candy Schultz said…
Those are both gorgeous.