Green, Rust & White Table Runner

I am trying to finish up all the items I made in '08. I love the colors of this table runner, but I wasn't sure how to finish it off, so I put it away last spring.

That's not a good thing to do because I almost always end up using the fabric that I should have saved to finish the project. I usually like my runners to have a pointed end, but this time I felt I needed to finish off that green square so a straight edge is what I ended up doing.
I think I like the 4 little squares in a row. I am not so fond of the unfinished squares on the sides, but they will have to remain as triangles because this thing is as wide as I can go for a table runner. I don't think I have any more of the rust fabric, so I have no idea just yet what I will do for the binding. Right now I will just work on getting it machine quilted.

I designed this runner to match a set of salad plates I own. When I get it totally completed, I will do a tablescape and post it to that blog.

Right now I am going to watch the historic election returns.


SallyC said…
Beautiful Colors! Can't wait to see it finished with the plates.
Diana LaMarre said…
Thanks, Sally. I hope to have it finished this weekend.
Salmagundi said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have perused yours and thoroughly enjoyed myself. How do you find time to work, sew, etc. and post on your several blogs??? I have been a quilter most of my life and spent 20+ years making quilts for publication in magazines and wrote 2 books on the subject. I'm now retired from the quilting profession as I have arthritic fingers and can't do my favorite of hand quilting. I'm still interested and occasionally do something small on the machine. So, stop by my blog any time - you may spot one of my 100+ quilts decorating my home. Sally
Diana LaMarre said…
What two books did you write?
I am trying to learn to machine quilt right now so when I can no longer hand quilt I will be prepared. I am not really liking machine quilting.