The Tree Skirt Turned Table Runner is Done

It is entirely machine quilted. I used the new walking foot and did a basic outline around each star. I am pretty happy with that part. There are a few puckers on the back, but overall it's OK for a table runner.

I even sewed the binding on by machine.

That part was a total flop.

This runner is almost six feet long and I was trying to save time by using the machine. Big mistake. If I could do it over, I would spend the extra hours hand sewing the binding to the backside.
It looks OK from the front,but the back is pretty awful. There are spots where I missed sewing the binding completely for an inch or so.

When I use it I will have to pin it down to the tablecloth so nobody can pick it up and look at the backside!


Candy Schultz said…
Well it is quite lovely and if anyone complains about the back just give them a needle and thread and they can fix it for you.
Anonymous said…
I think it looks so nicely done and colorful! You are too hard on yourself. I think all you have to do is go in a store and look at one there and you will love yours even more!
Anya said…
I love your color choices. And I would say that your table runner looks better than "OK", as you put it. It looks great.

I never have good luck sewing binding on completely by machine -- I can't seem to manage to catch both sides evenly.
Anonymous said…
Your table runner is just lovely! I like the colors.
Candy Schultz said…
Zoey two things re your comment. The pineapple quilt is pretty much exactly like the one in the book and I did not think of the borders. I just saw the quilt and loved it exactly the way it had been done. My borders are simpler than theirs and you are right it is the borders that make this quilt spectacular.

Re the New York Beauties - they are a snap if you paper piece them. I would never have tried them otherwise.