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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scrap the Pink Tree Skirt & On with the Lollipop Inspiration

I have decided the pink blocks in the last post will not be a tree skirt. Each 6-inch block has 17 pieces and I would need about 100 of them---that's way more work than I want to put into a tree skirt.

I have completed 20 of the six-inch blocks, which is just enough to make a table runner, so that is most likely what these blocks will become.

I have set them aside for a few days while I work on my second attempt at a tree skirt. Earlier this year I bought a dozen large lollipops that I plan to use on a Christmas tree. I came across them while cleaning out a cupboard a few days ago. Right away I decided to take one to my fabric stash to find some matching fabric to make a tree skirt.

I wanted something much easier than the above blocks and something fun, whimsical and colorful. I decided to try pinwheels.

I think it's working!

What do you think?

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