Goal Accomplished

I had two goals for this weekend.

#1 was to get the deck cleaned off for the winter. DH and I did that on Saturday.

Goal #2 was to get my pink star quilt sandwiched (I really need to come up with a name for this quilt--any ideas?)

It's a beautiful autumn day today (close to 80 degrees). I knew if I went outside, I'd never get back in to do this, so first thing this morning I found some backing fabric from the stack I bought yesterday and set to completing this task.

I usually make king-sized quilts, and I most always use a good quality muslin that is 120 inches wide so I rarely have to piece my backing. I know muslin is "out", but I really do prefer it for quilts that will be on a bed. I like the fact that I can see all of my hand quilting on the muslin.

This is a much smaller quilt and will be draped over my flowered living room sofa, so I thought a coordinated fabric would be nice for the back. I picked this soft pink fabric,

taped it to the floor, topped it with batting (I use polyester because I find it easier to hand quilt), then I added the pieced top.

I crawled around on the kitchen floor and used quilt pins to baste the 3 layers. I like to use the pins rather than thread to baste. I just find it goes faster and I don't have to remove the basting stitches after I am done.

I don't think I am alone in my dislike for this part of quilt making.

I would probably like it more if I had a fancy studio where I had big tables at just the right height to baste a quilt. The odds are pretty good that I will never be so lucky to have such a studio, so I am doomed to be crawling around on the floor until I can no longer get down low enough to crawl.

When I got dressed this morning, I threw on a turtleneck. I used to love turtlenecks, but now I hate having anything around my neck. I thought I could handle the turtleneck since it's usually a bit chilly in my home.

I was totally WRONG.

After just a short time, that shirt was making me miserable. Admittedly, I was a bit cranky just because I was crawling around doing a task I dislike to begin with. Suddenly I grabbed the scissors and just cut right down the center of that shirt!

Ah, it was like I was being released from prison.

It felt so much better!

Yes, I ruined a shirt. It's just a shirt I wear around the house anyway. It's so comfy now, that I am sure I will wear it often while I am cleaning, etc.

I am feeling very good right now. I completed both goals.

It's a good thing I did this before I went outside. Because I worked hard in the gardens today and I know I never would have had the energy to crawl around the floor basting when I came inside at 3:00 p.m.

I am happy knowing that when I get the urge to quilt, this one is all ready and waiting.


Candy Schultz said…
I hope you had knee pads on. I can't do it anymore without them. I used quiltaks until recently when they just quit working. I had to pin a quilt for the first time in about fifteen years. It takes a whole lot longer to pin than to tak.
Diana LaMarre said…
Hi Candy,
No, I didn't use kneepads. I have never used qultaks either. I have only basted with thread or pins and both of my methods do take quite some time to do.
Hello Zoey, all your quilts are lovely and your hand quilting is beautiful. I could never master hand quilting. I loved looking at all your gardens and decorating. You are a very talented lady.

Hugs Judy in Western Michigan
Dionne said…
Your quilt is so beautiful! I loved the picture of the shirt!! How funny! I can really picture it. By the way, those knee pads for gardners are great as well as the ones the earlier reader suggested!

Diana LaMarre said…
Welcome! Thank you for the kind comment. I have been trying to machine quilt the smaller items like table runners, but I am just not very good at it. I guess I am stuck only making one big quilt every year or two because it takes so long to quilt it.

Dionne, thank you. I can't tell you how much better it felt once I slashed that turtleneck!