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Monday, September 22, 2008

This was Not a Welcome Surprise

I was into a pretty nice picking rhythm when suddenly I felt my finger go through a seam. I quickly flipped the quilt top to examine the front. I knew immediately what had happened. That moment of realization is enough to make a paper piecer cry.

It's not the first time I didn't check to make sure that the fabric piece was big enough to accommodate a seam. Because you are sewing on the paper, you can't see what's happening on the back side. It's one of the main frustrations with paper piecing.

I found this error 4 days ago. It would not be too difficult to fix, but I can't find a single scrap of that fabric! I have hundreds of yards of fabric, but not one tiny little piece of the fabric I need. It's pretty discouraging. I know I bought it at Wally's World this spring, so I need to go there and just pray they still have some.

To try to forget about that mess, I started a new block. I want to make a Christmas tree skirt, so I pulled out a box of Christmasy fabric and started sewing. I put 4 blocks together and got this. Does it look like Christmas to you?
I often do a tree in pink using these angels I made and a lot of other pink felt ornies.
I actually do a LOT of trees, so whatever color I make will probably work with one of them. If you are interested in trees, I have blogged about most of them on my main blog. There is a category called Christmas which you can sift through to get some ideas. I wonder if I can link to a whole category....hmmm I will try. Here it is: Christmas

Any way, here is the possible tree skirt with 8 of the blocks. I am thinking I like it enough to continue. It will be square, not round.

One of the nice things about making your own tree skirt is that you can make it exactly the size you need. I find most of the ones they sell to be way too small for a big tree.

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