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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Campaign Table Runner is Finished

With the continuous coverage of Obama and Biden this weekend, I must have had some unconscious inspiration to finish my campaign table runner. I had no plans to do so, but I ended up spending quite a few hours working on it today.

It's done, but I am not terribly proud of my work. I am still finding it tough to machine quilt even these small items. Perhaps if the local sewing center would ever get my quilting attachments in, it would be easier. It's been over two weeks and, as I expected, I have not heard from the man. Nonetheless, I did it all by machine, even the binding.

Here is the finished product.
It looks a lot better since I added my campaign buttons. We started collecting these as a family about 20 years ago. We would go to flea markets during the summer to look for buttons. The hobby only lasted a short time, and we have not added any new ones in years. I must remember to get some for this election. We missed the last one. Drats! I wish I would have gotten a Hillary button. Maybe I will luck out and find one.

Here's a few of my older buttons:

Woodrow Wilson

William Jennings Bryan & Kern (whoever that was). They made an unsuccessful run in 1908, I believe.

1 comment:

Karen said...

I have an "I like Ike" vintage apron I purchased quite some time ago. An unusual item. Your project is very inspiring.

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