Deck Quilts

I only bring out the deck quilts on the weekend when I will be home to enjoy them. The colors I used this year are intended to match the canna blooms, which have not yet burst forth.

In just a few weeks, I should have a number of orange/red canna blooms. I can't wait to see how the quilts look when everything is in full bloom.

Sunday is the day I wash and change the bed linen. I decided to switch the quilt, even though I have only had 'Bow Tie Required' on for a week. This quilt was made to use up some stash so I call it 'Stashbuster'.

I don't like it much. The center is made of rows of double nine patches. I used a cotton batting and I hated it. I found it very difficult to hand quilt, so I used a combination of hand quilting and tying on this one.

I like the borders and I also like the prairie points used as the binding, but the top with the nine patches is pretty dull.