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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nanette's Paper-Pieced Rooster

A few weeks ago I wandered into a new blog. The author posted a pic of a very cute table runner with a rooster block. It was much cuter than the rather elementary chicken block I made last spring. Most of you know that I have an affinity for roosters.

I left a comment for Nanette at Displaced Yoooper asking her where she found the pattern. Without hesitation she emailed me back and offered to send me the pattern! I was amazed at her generosity. She had no idea of who I was. It was my first visit to her blog.

True to her word, I received the pattern a few days later.

Today I finally had time to work on the block. I made my share of errors, and did a lot of ripping out and restarting. There were no labels on the pattern telling me what parts were body, tail, background, etc. It can be tough to figure that out with a black and white pattern that's printed in reverse of the finished block (as all foundation piecing is).

Anyway I finally finished one block. It finished a lot smaller than I thought it would be (I am sure the directions probably told me it would be only 6", but I didn't really read the directions).

I decided to turn it into the center of a star symbolizing the know, rooster waking up as the sun rises...
My original thought was to turn the rooster into a window valance for a set of new summer window coverings. That was when I thought the rooster was taller. But still I pinned it up to the window to see what it would look like.

It seems like a lot work to add fabric to the sides, the top and the bottom and make it all work....I do like that it matches the rooster above the window.

Maybe I will just add batting and backing and let it drape over the kitchen china cabinet.

It goes pretty well with the chickens and flowers that are already on top of the cabinet.

Another thought I have is to make it the front of a Farmer's Market tote bag. Wouldn't that be cute? It would also be very useful when we go the Farmer's market on Saturday during the summer months. Since I have never made a tote bag, I am not sure just how to do it. Perhaps I can take a pattern I already have and rework it somehow....

Anyway it was fun to make. Nanette, thank you again for sending it to me. I am always amazed at how friendly people are in blogville.

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