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Sunday, January 6, 2008

I've been in the Pink (and black) all Week

All last week I puttered with different pink and black blocks and have finished two table runners and started a few of .... hmmmm....who knows what! LOL. Eventually they will turn into something.

The one with the purple stripes was planned to fit one of three long rectangular frames I have in the living room. We will see if that really happens. Sometimes these pieces end up as something totally different than my original plan.

Tonight I decided to try a teeny tiny little block. It has 9 pieces and finished at just 1.5 inches. If I put 9 different 1.5" blocks together, I will have a 4.5 inch star that will have over 50 pieces in it.

Of course, I must make at least one just to see how difficult it is to do.

I was out of town all weekend (last weekend, too) so I have not been doing much blog visiting. The weather has been quite warm and the road conditions are great for traveling. We take advantage of good winter driving conditions whenever we can and get away for little overnight jaunts. Next weekend I hope to stay home and finally get some time to do nothing.

Last week I was reading an article that said "a perfect storm" topped the list of overused words.

The list is put out each year by the public relations department at Michigan's Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie.

To quote the article I read:

The contributors gave first prize to the phrase "a perfect storm," saying it was numbingly applied to virtually any notable coincidence.

Is this a common phrase to all of you? I have never heard this

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