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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Morning Inspiration

What do you think of this paisley fabric

with this blue leopard fabric?

You are probably thinking that nobody in their right mind would put these fabrics together, aren't you?

While playing around this morning, I decided to make a test block with the paisley fabric.

Although I really like the paisley fabric, I think the block falls a bit flat. There is nothing terribly wrong with it, but I just think it needs a little zip, a bit of zest, ....

The block needs some bling!

Now, that's more like what I had in mind, although the center leaves a bit to be desired. That stripe was not a good choice.I should have taken more time to make sure my seam did not cut across to make it look crooked.

I thought the fabric combo had promise, so I continued on with a different center and different star points.

Bingo! I am loving this one! In my world blue leopard does go with traditional paisley.

Here are the two blocks together.
I a liking it. I can see me making a whole bunch of different stars in this color combo. I think it would make a good "man" quilt.

Geez, I had planned to clean up my ironing board this morning. It's full of the fabric scraps I've been working on all week. I need to use it to iron clothes (what a concept!).

Until I took a break to make this blog post, I was working on sorting my little scraps into piles of the same fabric so I can more easily find what I need.

Isn't it amazing how many pieces of fabric a shoe box will hold? LOL. I must get back to work.

3:00 p.m. update:
I went to Walmart and right after the above post. While there I saw a plastic rolling cart with drawers. I decided to buy it and put my scraps in the drawers.
It works great. I used see thru platic bags to hold the different fabrics.
After about an hour of sorting, I had it filled. I think I will get one more later this week.

It does feel good to have a little bit of organization in this room. Now I have to go iron the clothes that inspired the whole project.

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