You Might be a Masochist if...............

Even though you know it will take 4,000 itty bitty pieces, you decide to make 100 rose blocks anyway. The 4,000 pieces will be enough for just the border...the 8 inches that will hang down over the mattress on all sides. I have no idea what the main quilt pattern will be, but I am sure something will come to me as I piece along block after block after block after block...........

I must be either a masochist or an escapee from the local psychiatric ward.

Either way, I've completed 16 blocks so far.........only 84 to go!

My sister is nurse Ratched in the local psyc ward, so if I get admitted, I will at least be among family.

Do you all know who nurse Ratched was? Remember 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" with Jack Nicholson? She was his caring nurse. LOL. From some of the stories my sister tells it's not a fun place to be a nurse. She gets spit on, punched at, and worse. She doesn't take any cr*p, though. She may be the baby of the family, but she's a tough cookie!