Scraps--the Goldmine of Paper Piecing

I hadn't sewn anything for three days. I was getting a little twitchy and needed my fix.

So I pulled a mix of reds/pinks from my tiniest-of-scraps scrap bag.

And I made these three rose flower blocks.

Each flower head is made from 30 tiny fabric scraps.
You need quite a fabric assortment to get an interesting mix for the flower.
I like these blocks, but so far I don't know what to do with them. They would make a mighty fine border for a king-size quilt--IF one had masochistic tendencies. You see I would need 100 of them and there are 33 pieces for the rose part of each block and another 7 for the stem/leaves bottom--40 pieces total per block. You do the math.........That's a lotta piecin' for a border!

So I will just make a few and wait for inspiration to hit.