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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spikey Border Blocks

Are Finally Done!

I am very happy with them. The border was my first paper-piecing project and it took a long time (about 33 hours of actual sewing time)-- much longer than it takes to just cut strips of fabric and make a plain border. But it was worth it.

Every block finished at exactly 10.5 inches. It was quite a breeze to sew on.

There was not one piece where I had to "make it fit" -- how wonderful is that?

I am happy to report that tearing off the back paper is not nearly as tedious as I expected it to be. I've only just begun that part, but it's going quite quickly. I've already discovered that the secret is to sew with a very small stitch (which is NOT so wonderful when you have to rip out sections--believe me, I did my fair share of ripping out).

I can't wait to start my next quilt. I've purchased another Carol Doak book full of 9-patch paper-pieced star blocks.

I am now an official paper-piecing addict!

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