Denim Wreath

OK, this is not quilting, but it is at least crafty.  I also lost a good deal of  finger skin on this project,

 so I am really feeling the need to show off my new denim rag wreath.

It all began when I was in the basement and saw an old metal wreath form that I have had for years.  My many mornings of Pinterest surfing caused a sudden urge to make a denim rag wreath. 

We quilters have a ginormous stash of fabric, so it only took a few extra steps in the basement for me to get an arm load of old denim jean fabric to begin the project.  My eye spotted an old flannel bed sheet that I no longer use. Since all denim would be too dull for me, I grabbed the coordinating sheet .  I cut everything into 7 to 9-inch strips (I found 9-inch to work best) and

began to tie them to the wire wreath frame.

I tied and I tied and I tied and I tied....I was not too impressed at this stage:

This is not a quick project.

 You can expect to tie for at least three hours.  After about two hours, I realized my finger skin was gone, so I stopped.  I tried to use Bandaids to continue

but it still hurt, so I put everything in a basket and waited a week.  During that time, I decided all blue was  slightly too dull for me.
So I found some yellow fabric and added it in. Then I tied for another hour or so to complete the wreath. 

I am very happy with the wreath.  I may even do another one when my fingers heal. :)


Your denim wreath is wonderful. Love it. I'm thinking I could do one in green and red, for Christmas. I might be borrowing your idea.
Dianne said…
The price we pay for creativity, but I really love it! Too bad they are time consuming or you surely could sell them with no problem. Hope your finger heals quickly.
Oh that is adorable. I like the splash of yellow in there.

I for the first time ever, cut my finger 2 weeks ago with my rotary cutter. And I always thought those gloves those TV quilters wore were stupid! LOL

Maybe you can call in sick tomorrow?!?! LOL
Marlene Brady said…
Oh Zoey! How gorgeous! All your hard work and sore fingers were worth it.
Betty said…
I love, love the wreath but be careful of that finger..ouch!
Betty said…
I love, love the wreath but be careful of that finger..ouch!
Unknown said…
Is it possible you could use pliers to pull the knots taut n save your fingers from blisters ? I'm gonna try it.. And how wide should the strips be?