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Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Projects

Over the weekend I made some red/aqua pinwheels. Aren't they cheerful looking? They are for my dining room chairs.

I have made quite an assortment of dining room table runners and chair toppers during the past year. I had them stored in different areas of the house and it was getting hard to remember where they are were. So I went out and bought a couple of totes that fit under a bed.
Now I have everything in one place and can easily find what I want.

As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Will the Real Easter Bunny Please Hop Up?

I finished the bunny blocks. As you can see I did use a log cabin border. I must say that the log cabin is still one of my favorite blocks to piece. It's so easy, uses up all kinds of fabric that perhaps you would not use in larger pieces, and makes a perfect frame for a 6-block.

These bunnies have multiplied like crazy! I made six of them and I did decide not to put faces on.
I thought the faces looked to childlike. I won't waste the one face block I made. ..we quilters don't waste anything! It will soon be a matching pot holder or trivet to set a hot egg casserole down on Easter morning. I make pot holders out of all the orphan blocks I have.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Faceless Better?

I made 3 more bunny blocks. I am thinking I should leave them without the Sharpie facial features (see the post below).

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bunny Block

I made a new block last Friday night. I was looking for something easy that would work as a chair topper for my Easter table. I think this will be it. I just used a Sharpie for the nose, whiskers and eye. I didn't do a very good job on this one. I will have to pay a bit more attention on block #2 to get those whiskers a bit more straight.

I will be adding some borders to this to make it larger. I am thinking purple and yellow.

This is another free for personal use pattern from Paper Panache. Ula Lenz is the designer. Click here for the pdf file. If you are a paper piecer and have some free time you really should check out this site.

Friday, February 6, 2009

One Load of Laundry, Two New Blocks

After finishing the piecing of the table runner in my last post, I was left with this pile of small fabric pieces.

I have learned that I need to make something of these scraps right away--otherwise I will throw them in a bag and it could be another decade before I find them again.

I printed off a pattern for a 7-inch block. I picked 7 inches because it was the largest size that I could print out on one piece of paper. I printed six patterns, then I ran downstairs to throw a load of laundry in the dryer.

Before that load was dry, I had made two of these blocks.

I picked the flying geese because of the round flying geese I used in the table runner. I thought I would make some matching chair toppers for when I use the table runner. I found some green felt that was the exact shade as the green I was using. Talk about luck! I would then lay one of these blocks over the felt. Like this:
I am excited about these! I think they will look great with the table runner. I don't have enough fabric to make them all identical, but I will pull some other oranges and purples from my stash. Hopefully, everything will work together.

This weekend I am also planning to do this mystery block from Paper Panache.
Every month the site gives a free block. You don't have any idea what it is until you make it. I can't tell a thing from this pattern, can you? I can't wait to make it and find out! Does anyone else do these?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

After Much Ado, I'm Through......with the Piecing

I had enough fabric to make a second flying geese block. I had to use green on each end because I didn't have enough purple fabric. Because I used green for the extra border on the center block, I think the fact that I only had green left for the ends turned out to be a positive.

The center looks too small, but it's as good as it's going to get.

I am actually happy with it. I could have just tossed the ugly block in a drawer and moved on. Instead I chose to spend a little time turning it into something that I will use. That makes me feel good. The middle will be covered with a centerpiece and it's likely that a large candlestick will be in the center of each flying geese circle.

I will put it aside for a bit until I get the urge to line and back it. I think I am only going to do a minimum of quilting--just enough to hold it all together.

Sometime down the road you may see that the ugly duckling turned rather swan like as it sits proudly in the center of my dining room table.....perhaps that's a tad optimistic............we shall see.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Three Strikes.......and I'm Done for the Night!

I got home from work and felt like piecing another block for my table runner. I glanced over at the ugly block (I use that term fondly as I think this runner is going to turn out quite nice). At least I did at that moment.

I made a mental note that I needed a 12-inch pattern. Within minutes I found a pattern that I thought would be fun and quick to piece. Here is the first 6-inch finished block.

I made a total of four blocks in about an hour. I was feeling pretty good about my choice. I sewed them all together to form this circular flying geese block.
I like it! I am eager to see what it looks like next to the ugly block. I am thinking it's going to look pretty good.

As soon as I picked up the ugly block, my enthusiasm plummeted. I immediately realized that I had miscalculated the size of the ugly block---by 3 inches! You would think by now that I would know enough to measure twice and cut once--or at least measure it--I just thought it was 12 inches. I didn't even measure it.

After just a couple of seconds, I decided that it's no big deal. I will just add a border to make it a 12-inch block. (Yes, I hate that purple fabric--it must be a cotton blend to curl up like that. That's why I chose a different purple for the flying geese block).

I took the same purple as the flying geese block and added borders to all sides.

I think it now looks much better than the original block. . .and I am pretty pleased. ..until I place them atop each other to see how they fit... I have miscalculated again and I am 1/4-inch short on all sides.

O.K. no problem. I rip off a three-quarter inch strip to add another border. One inch into the sewing I realize that isn't going to work either. I did not take into consideration that I would be using up 1/4-inch for the seam on the finished block.

So now I am too bummed to do any more. I am also hungry. I guess I will find a little something for dinner and think about this tomorrow. I just hope I have enough of these fabrics to get a finished table runner. I never plan these things out. I just sew and hope for the best.

Do you all do that, too? Or do you plan everything in advance to make sure it will all work out?

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